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Environmental Health & Safety


Radiation Safety

Primary Programs:

  • Training (Radiation Safety)
  • Radiation and contamination surveys
  • Radioactive waste collection, sorting, packaging and disposal
  • Radioactive materials laboratory inspections
  • Radiation instrument calibration
  • Radioactive sealed source leak-testing

Other Programs

  • Radioactive materials licensing and proposal approvals
  • X-Ray device registration
  • Radioiodine and other radionuclide bioassays
  • Non-ionizing radiation protection (LASER, magnetic field and other radiofrequency hazards)

Oversight Committee: Radiation Control and Policy Committee

  • Dr. Sam Tabor, Chairperson Professor, Department of Physics
  • Dr. Theo Siegrist, National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
  • Dr. Hong Li Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Dr. Thomas Albrecht-Schmitt, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Currently Vacant - Director, Department of Environmental Health & Safety
  • Currently Vacant - University Radiation Safety Officer

Currently Vacant
Radiation Safety Officer

Currently Vacant
Assistant Radiation Safety Officer

Alternate Contacts

Marvin Woods
Assistant Director

Main Office