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Food Event Approval

If your organization is planning to serve food at an open event on FSU’s campus, a Food Permit is required.

A Food Permit is an online document submitted by RSOs, departments, or outside organizations that details food service plans for open events for students, faculty, staff, or guests on FSU’s campus. Food Permits are reviewed by EH&S to ensure that food is obtained from an appropriate source and applicable food safety guidelines will be followed in order to help make events both safe and successful.

An open event is any meeting, gathering, or social activity that is available to any member of the FSU community and/or the general public. Examples include info sessions, Market Wednesday tabling, open meetings, or 5Ks.

In order to maintain compliance with regulatory guidelines from the Florida Department of Health, Food Permits require that all food items are fully cooked and fully prepared by a licensed food service vendor. No homemade food items are allowed at open events. For more details on food service and food handling guidelines:

Food Permit requests are processed through the Nole Central system via an Event Proposal. The Event Proposal gathers all your event details including location, expected attendance, and food plans. By filling out an Event Proposal entirely and accurately, you are automatically completing your Food Permit request. There is not a separate form. Please note that all requests must be submitted at least 10 days prior to your event.

After your Event Proposal has been submitted, you will be contacted through Nole Central by EH&S regarding the status of your Food Permit request.

You can find out more information about Event Proposals through Campus Event Services at https://union.fsu.edu/ces/eventplanning.

If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact EH&S for assistance.

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