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The online Biological Safety Training for Researchers course is offered to FSU employees and students who work in a Biosafety Laboratory. This training is intended to provide laboratory personnel with a general understanding of safety issues associated with a Biosafety Level 2 and/or 3 laboratory as well as Animal Biosafety Level 2 facilities. Additional training may be required from the lab manager, facility manager and/or the Principal Investigator on specific policies and procedures for the laboratory you work in. Please be aware that this training only covers Biological Safety in the Laboratory and does not fulfill requirements for Bloodborne Pathogens Training. If you require Bloodborne Pathogens Training, please contact our office to request the training, or check our training calendar to see when the next class is available.

After you have completed the online Biological Safety Training for Researchers, you must complete the registration form at the end of the training and click submit to receive credit. A confirmation email will be sent to you within 48 hours verifying your course completion. Please contact Laymon Gray at 645-2279 if you require confirmation sooner. A comment form will be provided at the end of the training module. Please take time to complete the form so we can serve your needs better in the future.

If you have any questions about the training, or about hazards related to Biosafety, please contact:

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